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 Author: Akama, Hiroyuki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Title: Automatic Extraction of Hidden Keywords by Producing “Homophily” within Semantic Networks
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Al-Hajj, Yahya Ahmed Ali Worms University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Title: The Text-Image-Link-Editor: A tool for Linking Facsimiles & Transcriptions and Image Annotations
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Ashton, Andrew Thomas Brown University Library
Title: Semantically Rich Tools for Text Exploration: TEI and SEASR
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Anderson, Sheila King’s College London
Title: Content Patterns in Digital Humanities: a Framework for Sustainability and Reuse of Digital Resources
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Anderson, Jean University of Glasgow
Title: Enroller: A Grid-based Research Platform for English and Scots Language
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Aery, Sean Duke University
Title: Digital Collections at Duke University Libraries
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Anderson, Deborah Department of Linguistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Handling Glyph Variants: Issues and Developments
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Allen, Robert C.; Smith, Natasha; Lach, Pamella; Marciano, Richard; Speed, Chris; Presner, Todd; Ethington, Philip; Shepard, David; Hou, Chien-Yi; Johanson, Christopher
Title: Virtual Cities/Digital Histories
Type: Unknown