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 Author: Akama, Hiroyuki Tokyo Institute of Technology
Title: Automatic Extraction of Hidden Keywords by Producing “Homophily” within Semantic Networks
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Rybicki, Jan Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland
Title: Alma Cardell Curtin and Jeremiah Curtin: the Translator’s Wife's Stylistic Fingerprint
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Shweka, Roni The Friedberg Genizah Project, Israel; Tel Aviv University, Israel
Title: Automatic Extraction of Catalog Data from Genizah Fragments’ Images
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Viglianti, Raffaele King's College London, United Kingdom
Title: Adapting EATS for Crowdsourcing: Register Medicorum Medii Aevi
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Galey, Alan University of Toronto, Canada
Title: Approaching the Coasts of Utopia: Visualization Strategies for Mapping Early Modern Paratexts
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Le-Khac, Long Stanford University
Title: Abstract Values in the 19th Century British Novel: Decline and Transformation of a Semantic Field
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Onic, Tomaz Department of English and American Studies, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Title: An Analysis of Recurrences in Harold Pinter’s Plays Using CATMA Concordancing Software
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Bonsignore, Beth College of Information Studies, UMD
Title: The Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry: A Design Case Study of an Alternate Reality Game
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Nieves, Angel David Hamilton College, United States of America
Title: ArchiTrace: An Urban Social History and Mapping Platform
Type: Unknown:
 Author: Nowviskie, Bethany; Flanders, Julia; Clement, Tanya; Reside, Douglas; Porter, Dorothy (Dot); Rochester, Eric
Title: The "#alt-ac" Track: Digital Humanists off the Straight and Narrow Path to Tenure
Type: Unknown